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NSS Unit

Women's college Samastipur has a NSS unit for the students. It has been working with the theosophical order of service, Samastipur. Motto of this unit is " Union of all who love in the service of all that suffers ". It was started in the year 1971, with the support of state and central government in order to promote social services awareness. Dr. Sheela Singh is the In-charge of the NSS unit.

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Career Councelling Unit

Our counselors facilitate students' career development and transition from college/university into employment by providing a career planning and counselling service. Counselling services provided are free, held in confidence to students through a professional setting for emotional and developmental support.

The counselling services operate under the guidelines set out in the Code of Ethics and Practice as defined by the Board of Counselors. The Code provides the professional standard by which the service is delivered and managed.

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