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Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility(ISR) and Extension activities, Teachers and students of the Dept. have been participating in various programmes discharge of their social responsibilities at various level. In some cases, children and their participation has influenced by the Dept. faculty. The advisory role in improving the nutritional status children of a local residential school and also in decision making as member of the various district level committees related to streamlining the LPG distribution in the district, disaster management, problems of the elderly citizens and working for a women empowerment programmes sponsored by the state government and other agencies as one of the resource persons, are example of the faculty contribution towards community.
Teaching Methods adopted to improve student learning, Audio visual learning, Objective test methods and Lecture methods.
Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) with external experts.
Number of Students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies.
100% result with good percentage every year.



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Dr. Renuka Yadav
Home Science


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